On August 1, 2020, I took up a position as Assistant Professor in Urban History and Digital Methods at the University of Amsterdam. My research interests include the philosophy of history, historical methods, and the study of cultural-historical phenomena using computational means with a specific interest in the formation and evolution of ideas and concepts in public discourse. Oh, and I really like to study advertisements and consumer products.

Current Projects

Together with Thomas Smits, I am working on a project in which we try to replicate Erving Goffman’s findings regarding gender displays using computer vision and more robust statistical analysis

Together with Jelle van Lottum, Lodewijk Petram, and Marijn Koolen, I am working on a study in which we try to model career trajectories in the East India Company.

Together with Barbara McGillivray, Folgert Karsdorp, Adina Nerghes, I am organizing the first Computational Humanities Research Workshop

I recently finished a NWO-KIEM project called HisVis, in which I examined the use of scene detection for cultural heritage institutes. We applied and fine-tuned existing scene detections algorithms to a large collection of historical photographs provided by the Noord-Hollands Archief.

I work on a large-scale automated text analysis project about disruptions and persistence of information streams in newspapers. The project is a continuation of our previous project with Jianbo Gao “Tracking the Consumption Junction:Temporal Dependencies in Dutch Newspaper Articles and Advertisements”.