Selected Publications

(2018). ImageTexts: Studying Texts and Images in Conjunction (Poster). DH18.

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(2018). Seeing History: The Visual Side of the Digital Turn (Best Paper Award). DHB ‘18.

Code Dataset Project Slides

(2018). Constructing a Recipe Web from Historical Newspapers. ISWC ‘18.

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(2018). Jamie LOD-iver: Extracting and Enriching Historical Recipes (Poster). DHB ‘18.

PDF Code Dataset Project

(2018). Van kranten tot scheepspapieren en processtukken: rijkdom en verrijking van digitale bronnen voor onderzoek. Archievenblad.

(2017). Consuming America. Ph.D. Thesis, Utrecht University.

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(2016). Design and implementation of ShiCo: Visualising shifting concepts over time. HistoInformations ‘16.

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(2015). Ad Hoc Monitoring of Vocabulary Shifts over Time. CIKM ‘15.

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Event Flow: Innovation and Disruption in Public Discourse
Dec 11, 2018
Analysis of Press Images using Deep Learning techniques: Opportunities, Challenges, Tools, and Case studies
Nov 30, 2018
Eerst meten dan weten. Feature Engineering voor Historici.
Jun 15, 2018

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PC Member LangChange workshop at ACL 2019


This week DH Benelux will be held in Amsterdam. Together with Thomas Smits, I will present a paper on our work at the National Library. And with Marieke van Erp, Hugo Huurdeman, and Richard Zijdeman, I will present a poster detailing our work on constructing a recipe web.


The last few weeks, I continued work started during the HackaLOD 2018. We extracted recipes from the Allerhande website and used this data to build a method for extracting historical recipes from digitized newspapers.


Last week, the KNAW DH Lab won the HackaLOD 2018


Blog KB on my research as researcher-in-residence



Calculus of Culture

International network for Culture Analytics.

KB Researcher-in-Residence

KB Researcher-in-residence.


My PhD work on the United States as a Reference Culture.

We are what we eat

First investigation into food culture.


I taught the following courses at Utrecht University:

  • RMA Course: Digital Humanities
  • RMA Course: Humanities: Past, Present, and Future
  • BA Course: Introduction to Historiography

I also created and given multiple workshops on Python, Text Mining, and Data Visualization.